The restaurant will know how to surprise gourmets and those who want to taste traditional flavours. Our chef
proposes you some specialities from Sundgau: fried carpes, royal sauerkraut, sauerkraut from the sea, fried pikeperch and "Flammakuchen"browned with Munster.
We also propose you a large range of sophisticated meals:

example of starters (non exhaustive list):

- foie gras of duck and port gelatinous stock -
- perigourdine plate -
- croute with morels -
- munster pasties with cream -
- snail pasties with a garlic cream -
If you like meat or if you prefer fish, we will know how to satisfy your appetite:
examples of meat and fish (non exhaustive list):

- tournedos with fried foie gras and its juice -
- tournedos with morels -
- goose breast with green peppercorns -
- monkfish with leek fondue -
- pikeperch fillets with riesling -
- white flesh of scallop -

the list of desserts will delight the greediest! It proposes: floating islands with chocolate fondant icing and custard,
stewed pear with ice cream and chocolate sauce, creme brulée.

We also propose different menus (middle price menu, a typical menu from Alsace) but also a special menu for
children and a special house menu which is made up of the following dishes:

- green salads with warm duck and vegetables cuts in julienne strips -
- three mixed fishes -
- lemon sorbets -
- beef medaillon with foie gras and vegetables -
- different cheese -

the wine list give you the opportunity to taste the finest wine from Alsace