The hotel restaurant KUENTZ-BIX has existed since 1977. It was built by Mr and Mrs Kuentz-Bix.

In 1999, Mr David Kuentz - their son - took over the management
of the hotel and refeerbished it, respecting its imperial style.
This is a family hotel, whose manager likes the Empire. He owns an amazing collection of clothes, breats plates and helmets.

The hotel has a family, rustic and welcoming frame.
You will not be disappointed by the restaurant! it offers a varied menu: specialities from Alsace and fresh quality products.
Some important - Franck Michael, Yvan Rebroff, Gabouille, Beltoise - people have already stopped in the nice village of Wittersdorf which is located at the crossroad of the 3 frontiers.
If you come here, just stop or make a detour, the team of the hotel will be in your service and will be glad to make you spend a great moment!

See you soon
The team of the hotel restaurant Kuentz